Marvel’s Hawkeye Comes to Disney+


Hannah Hendron

The Christmas season kicks off with a new MCU duo wielding bows and arrows to fight off their adversaries.The Hawkeye series debuted its first two episodes on Wednesday the 24th to well-received reactions with fans hopeful for its future.

The opening scene immediately establishes a precedent experience that links Kate Bishop(Hailee Steinfeld) to Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner). Their paths cross a second time after Kate becomes in possession of an old suit of Clint’s that attracts media attention and the dangerousTracksuit mafia. Clint had only been visiting NYC with his three children celebrating the holiday season before being swept up in helping Kate. Kate has another problem beside involuntarily attracting the attention of the Tracksuit mafia, but that of her mother’s new fiancé who seems to have lurking secrets. Kate and Clint will have to use their multitalented skills to outmaneuver their enemies before they become the target.

*Spoilers Below

The series opens with such a great scene that depicts a young Kate’s experience from the Battle of New York and the love that results from it for Hawkeye. It plays on a civilian emotionalperspective from a grand scale event much like the scene with Monica Rambeau blipping back in the hospital.

On another note, it makes me question Eleanor Bishop’s (Vera Farmiga) character and whether she was involved in Derek Bishop’s death. I feel her character has the potential to have a villainous undertone as she seemingly carries herself with a powerful demeanor in securing opportunities that benefit herself. The first episode lays the groundwork in getting the audience familiar to new characters and working to intertwine the paths of Clint and Kate. It is slower than the second episode but it feels completely necessary to achieve a well-balanced story. It is made well aware that Kate has immense talent ranging from archery to sword-fighting, especially in a scene where she intentionally provokes her mother’s fiancé into showing his own superb talent in sword-fighting. Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) seems to have prominent underlying secrets and seems highly likely to be the killer of Armand. A scene that nods to this is when he offers Kate a butterscotch that is suspiciously similar to the ones Kate saw in Armand’s house. It begs the question of whether Eleanor is aware of those secrets and working together to further their intentions or if she is in the dark. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she is using Jack for her own gain and is the true villain of the series.

It is obvious that Kate is a great asset with her skillset alone and it’s very sweet to see that she has been inspired by Hawkeye. The dynamic and chemistry between Kate and Clint is instant and effortless showcasing once again perfect casting. Clint can never catch a break even after going into retirement plenty of times making it all the more endearing when Laura Barton is an understanding and loving partner. I think their relationship within the MCU is under-appreciatedand I hope Clint can make it back in time for Christmas. I look forward to hopefully seeing a future storyline with his daughter, Lila Barton, maybe even as a member with the Young Avengers one day with Kate. Clint’s past conflict with the Tracksuit under his time as Ronin is reawakened with Kate when she fights them wearing the suit. By the end of the second episode,we are introduced to their head leader, Echo (Alaqua Cox), who I am very excited to get to learnmore of. It has already been confirmed that she is getting her own Disney+ show making me wonder if she will walk the misty grey area of good and bad. The series is very promising with a great initial first impression from pacing success and overall entertaining dynamics. A lot of great storytelling happens within the first two episodes, so to get a full and detailed breakdown with theories, check out New Rockstars on YouTube.

The new Disney+ series will release episodes weekly on Wednesday. The show should not be missed as it offers fresh insight on an original Avenger accompanied with an entertaining dynamic with a new hero! If you’ve loved the first two episodes, check out the comic book by Matt Fraction and David Aja Omnibus that the show is heavily influenced from.