An Enchanted Evening for GHS Students


Chloe Smith, Reporter

Friday, January 21, excitement filled Griffith Senior High School in await for the winter formal, girls ask guys, turn-a-bout dance. Girls and boys were on the edge of their seat waiting for an early 12:30 dismissal so they could go home and get ready for the dance. Tickets were on sale for $30 a single and $60 a couple. The dance was held at Wicker Park Banquet Hall and doors opened at 6. By 7 the music was already playing and students were dancing. They served refreshments and a great assortment of snacks.

The Sophomore class presented the enchanted forest theme and had their pick of who was on court. For boys the court consisted of Elijah Martinez, Jose Rizo, Logan Prunty, Nicholas Spore, and Nicholas Nieves. For Girls the court consisted of Brianna Lopez, Rebecca Albarran, Kimori Hooper, Kylena Torres, Aurora Lujen. Towards the middle of the dance Junior Class Council, members Bella Andriessen and Madison Worosz, announced the King and Queen of Turn-A-Bout; Logan Prunty and Brianna Lopez. Everyone agreed it was a memorable experience, “A once in a lifetime experience that makes you feel special, it’s already an accomplishment making court so you’re always thinking about if you could win and who’s all going to vote for me.” Said King of Turn-A-Bout Logan Prunty. Brianna Lopez also had comments on winning Queen; “I just like being around all my friends and making high school memories.”

For everyone else not on court, it was still a fun time to create memories with your friends and classmates, Junior Alex Strauch said “It was very fun, exciting, and memorable, especially going with friends made it much more fun.” Overall the dance was a time to have fun and relax with your friends, many people enjoyed the great music and spending time with your fellow classmates.