Biden Announces Possible War in Our Future


Chloe Smith, Reporter

As of January, the President of the U.S, Joe Biden casted a potential Russian invasion. He told reporters; “It would be the largest invasion since World War II,” and “It would change the world.” Biden pledged not to send American or NATO troops into the Ukraine, but he recently told the pentagon to ready 8,500 U.S soldiers for potential deployment. And why is he doing this? Americans want to know as well. According to reporter, Spencer Bokat-Lindell from the New York Times, “After the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine won its sovereignty from Russia in exchange for dismantling its nuclear arsenal… In 2008, however, Ukraines President Victor Yushchenko sought membership in NATO. In recent weeks, President Vladimir Putin formally demanded that “Ukraine never join NATO.” Essentially, Ukraine wanted to join NATO, but since they promised Russia they would dismantle their nuclear arsenals, Russia saw the act of joining NATO an act of aggression. Russia and Ukraine have been feuding for years, but it’s never gotten this far, in 2014 the situation escalated when Yushchenko’s Russia friendly successor was overthrown amid protests. Russia responded by annexing Crimea and backing separatists in Donbas, a Russian speaking region in Ukraine. The United States have always backed Ukraine, even sending 2.5 billion dollars in military aid to them. Over recent months Russia has massed about 130,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders prompting invasion. Many analysts and politicians doubt that Russia will actually invade Ukraine, but in the case Russia does invade, Ukraine has the U.S ready. Ukraines foreign affairs minister, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the Biden administration to take these three steps to ensure Ukraines safety and independence; make it plain to Russia that Ukraine is a future member of both the European Union and NATO and that its sovereignty is nonnegotiable, prepare to enact sanctions in the worst-case scenario of an invasion, and provide military assistance to Ukraine, including ammunition and air and missile defenses. Kuleba wrote along with the steps, “Ukraines goal is simple: peace through strength.” Biden responded to Russias 130,000 troops by ordering about 3,000 additional troops into Eastern Europe and has stressed that was is not inevitable. The situation has not escalated as of now.