Welcome Miss Heusman


Miss Heusman is a new addition to Griffith Junior High, coming in as the eighth grade U.S. History teacher. Even though this is her first year at Griffith, she has been a teacher for nine years. Prior to being in Griffith, Heusman worked in three other districts, but says that Griffith is close to home and it’s the best district she has worked for so far. Having a love of history, Miss Heusman loves to bring her excitement to her classes by making it interesting for her students. She says, “History is like a big story. I enjoy having my students learn these stories in a fun way.”

Covid-19 has made teaching more stressful because there are more absences which can last for a longer period and students are at home making up work. As a teacher, you must think about how you can help them while not actual being with them to teach. Heusman states, “Having a digital textbook has helped my classes, because it’s easy for my students to access online. They can work on the work I assign even if they are at home.” Having students back in the school and having a consistent schedule has helped students get back into a routine and they are learning better than they have in the past.

When Miss Heusman is not teaching, she likes to hang out with her friends and her dog Cooper. She feels her biggest achievement this year is learning her students and making them feel welcome in her room. She’s looking forward to her future here at Griffith Junior High School.