Student Spotlight: Allen Reséndez Hernandez


Jullian Ladendorf, Reporter

Allen Hernandez is a senior at Griffith Jr./Sr. High School and is part of the Griffith Varsity Basketball team. He’s been playing basketball ever since he was little and Allen said “ I started playing because my brother played it as well when he was younger so he taught me how to play se ever since then I fell in love with the game.” Therefore he’s pursued in his dream in playing basketball and has racked up offers from other schools interested in him and want him to try out. Allen has good grades and said “grades are what will get you far in life so I’ve always said that I will try my hardest when it comes to keeping my grades right.” On top of all that Allen loves to drive and spend time with his family. Allen has been on varsity for 3 years and pursued to make improvements in his game and trained with a personal trainer for a long time. He never really saw sense in not trying as hard as he could. In practice tries to get everybody involved and really loves to help out when a teammate is struggling. While Allen puts in all that work in basketball he also works at Dicks Sporting Goods. Now that basketball season is over he plays AAU Basketball. During this AAU season, Allen needs to make a decision regarding college. Allen said “I would like to attend a college but it depends on if it’s the right time for me.”