March Covid Journal

Jullian Ladendorf, Joseph Lapatra, Reporter

The amount of people in Indiana with the vaccine has increased gradually. Now people 5 and under with their first dose is up to 65% and fully vaccinated is 58%. As for people 65 and over, 92% have their first dose and 86% are fully vaccinated. This month here has had 210 positive cases per day for Covid. Cases have decreased to 29 percent from the average two weeks ago. The total deaths this month have decreased to 59 percent. At least 1 in 288 residents have died from the coronavirus Indiana. Griffith, IN has a 7-day average of 22 cases and Lake County has had a total of 300 cases throughout the last 14 days. CDC also approved people 50 and older for the second booster shot. A new strain known as BA.2 from the omicron variant has also appeared causing a worldwide spike.