It Comes Full Circle


Anderson celebrates successful attendance rates.

Sarah Issa, Reporter

Mrs. Anderson is a 2007 Griffith High School graduate. She then went on to get her English Degree at Purdue in 2012. She started her teaching career at Gavit High School and taught there for six years. The opportunity arose for her to return to her alma mater and Anderson returned to the G in 2020. After two years of working as a publications and English teacher at the G, Mrs. Anderson took on the role of Griffith’s Student Support Advisor. In this position, Anderson works with more students across grade levels than she would be working with in her classroom. With less planning she can help support in other areas of the day-to-day operations of the school. There is still plenty of paperwork and she is constantly on her feet, but she knows that this is the best way for her to gain experience and knowledge so that she can further her administration career. Anderson is currently enrolled at Indiana State where she will graduate in May with her degree in Administration and Supervision. 

Anderson always tries to build a connection with her students no matter the role she is in. When Anderson was asked how students felt about the change she said, “Some kids expressed that they would be upset not being able to see me in the classroom every day.” Anderson does not want to disappoint them and has assured the students she will always be there when they need her. In this new position she can provide more support for her students, reflect their opinions, and voice their concerns. Peyton Stojakovich, senior, has experienced this connection firsthand, “Mrs. Anderson has always been so supportive of me and all her students and wants the best for all of us. She has always gone beyond to help the students at Griffith be successful, all while balancing her work life as well as college! She is the most motivated person I know, and it has been so inspiring to watch her growth at GHS.” Peyton along with many other students feel this way towards her. 

In her new position Anderson oversees disciplining students grades 6 and 10. She also provides emotional support for students. She is responsible for analyzing students’ NWEA scores and giving ways to improve our overall school progress throughout the year. She is helping to continue making positive changes at the G. She hopes to further her administrative career with this opportunity and continue to impact students.