Are Printed Books better than E-Books?

Gabriel Hernandez, Freelance Writer

A prominent idea circulating within today’s modern society is the continual use of electronic books to read entrancing printed books that others would deem as unimaginative! What if you were told that E-books can drive your attention away from the book itself and therefore your very thoughts and imagination. To prove this, if a person were to buy this week’s new terrifyingly magnificent book “The Call of Cthulhu” by JP Lovecraft as an E-book and you begin reading and eventually select auto-read to read the book for you without having to turn any real pages in which your mind doesn’t put as much thought or attentiveness into books that can. Research from esteemed neuroscientists Maryanne Wolf states that reading a book on a digital electronic screen can encourage fast-paced in which a book can be read very quickly in short amount of time. Wolf emphasizes that this is sign of the times in which people would often multitask when reading an E-book as well as be the cause of considerable eye strains from the bright lights that the screens of E-books would omit and make printed books a much better eye-friendly option. Printed books are also scientifically proven to help boost the enjoyment level of reading in children, teenagers, and adults as well as allow people to focus and be more immersed in the detailed reading of a book that they are not inclined to rush through due to multitasking. People in both suburban and urban environment also report that they generally absorb more information when reading the words in a printed book then an E-book due being able to physically set a bookmark to see not only your progress for that day but to show what you learned that day as well which would open the possibility of reviewing written information for an upcoming test. This allows a person to have much better understanding of the narrative of book and in turn, leads to better academic scoring on classwork, quizzes, and tests then those who use E-books to study. Sleep studies indicate when people read E-books, the melatonin level within the brain that can keep a person awake while printed books can safely increase a person’s melatonin level which helps them sleep soundly without the need to take nighttime medicine. Although E-books may have the advantage of being carried virtually anywhere without a hassle, printed books are overall a great deal healthier and is the ideal choice for the well-being of society.