Everyone Has A Right

Ryan Rose, Reporter

Griffith Public Schools hosts the Right to Be Movement meetings once a month. These meetings are part of the anti-bullying movement that Griffith Public Schools has become part of.  The meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month and are open to anyone that wants to get more information and to help with this movement.

Griffith Junior Senior High School principal, Mr. Mik and Mrs. Ann Coglianese have headed up the committee. Mrs. Coglianese was a resident of Griffith in her younger years. When asked why she wanted to come back and promote this movement she stated, “I had so many great memories growing up in Griffith. We lived in Hammond, and it was a great neighborhood. But we lived near two busy streets. For my children to get to their elementary school, they had to pass over a major highway. It just never felt great. I remember bringing my children back to Bullet Bowl Arena before it was Set ‘Em Up. It felt so great being back here. It was just that hometown feeling for me.” When she came back to Griffith, she met Mr. Mik, and she brought the idea to him. He was on board.

Colgianese wants everyone to understand their human rights, that everyone has the same rights, and no one can take that away.