Fall Break Festivities


Nina Zielke, Reporter

Fall break is one of the best weeks in October because students and staff do not have school and can enjoy an entire week off. Many students and staff do different things over fall break. In a poll created for students and staff it showed that 65% of the students and staff planned on spending most of their fall break with family and friends, as well as relaxing and catching up on sleep. When asked what was most eventful about her fall break, twelfth grader, Sofia Knox said, “The most eventful thing I did was go on a cruise. I went snorkeling in the Caribbean and visited Aruba for the first time. It was such a memorable way to spend my fall break and it was so beautiful.”

Mr. Mik enjoys the Panther family but said, “The best part of fall break was spending time at home with my wife and 3 boys.” Ninth grader Jacob Zielke said, “We went to my aunt’s house and carved pumpkins. It’s a family tradition. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my family.” Overall, fall break was relaxing for most students and staff and memories with friends and family were made.