More Teachers, More Opportunities

Ryan Rose, Reporter

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, Griffith Public School was looking for several new teachers. In the past it was because teacher’s left for other opportunities. This year, the new teachers that were hired were to create additional positions. It becomes difficult for schools to create new positions since there always seems to be a shortage of money. Since the town recently passed the referendum, the district was able to add these positions. Emily Conner, Griffith School Board President says, “The referendum helps Griffith pay their teachers fair when comparing them to other districts.”  She also explains that the school has been able to add more dual credit classes, PLTW, Aviation, Robotics, and other classes that bring variety to the school.  Griffith also wanted to keep class sizes smaller, so this meant the need for more teachers. It also opens more opportunities in the administration which help the school build character.

Mrs. Anderson, former English, journalism, and publications teacher applied and was selected for the new student support advisor. Griffith was in need to replace Mrs. Anderson in the English department and hired Ms. Marino who teaches, English and journalism. “There is a lot more flexibility with what we can teach, including some of the short stories and novels that I’m teaching in class. I also feel that the administration is very supportive of all the teachers and students.”

Additionally, Griffith hired Ms. Diaz to allow for more junior high school students to take Spanish before moving on to high school. “I wanted to go back to teaching and I lived nearby. I wanted to move home to a school where the culture was better. Griffith seemed like a good fit for me,” states Diaz.

Griffith has made other additional positions and will continue to do what they can to support all students.