Movies Are More Entertaining Than Books

Gabriel Hernandez, Freelance Writer

Today, films are a form of entertainment watched by many people all around the world as well as books, but movies provide a theatrical experience that any book hopes to match. Mind-blowing films such as Fury, Harry Potter, Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World: Dominion, and Forrest Gump are excellent instances in which the film emotionally touches the viewer more than the book. Whether it be running through war-torn Vietnam searching for your best friend Bubba as seen in Forrest Gump or battling dark wizards and evil monsters who invaded Hogwarts as seen in Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2 or watching the intense World War ll tank warfare in Fury. Films immerse you in a living-breathing world that you can feast your eyes upon in a short period of time which allows viewers to remember the exquisite nostalgic moments of when a hero triumphs over a villain. After beginning, the lights of a movie theater dim, and you are transported into another realm of infinite optical possibilities. In comparison to the entertainment of movies, books typically take more time to read and require the reader to imagine events within their mind rather than visually seeing an event unfold on screen and can provide a more detailed insight into a character’s thoughts and feelings but can cause confusion in the reader if too much detail on a specific subject is described which would cause the book to be less memorable and therefore make reading books less entertaining. However, movies are much more engaging in that a viewer should pay attention to details that might otherwise be missed but also makes it so the viewer is constantly enthused in what is going on in a film. Films also have greater replay value than books due to the short amount of time it takes to watch compared to the lengthy amount of time it takes to read a book. Films even encourage family gatherings and cause conversations about the movie’s plot, characters, or theme to occur, enhancing one’s overall enjoyment of a movie. All things considered, movies are generally today’s choice in entertainment and should be considered better in entertainment in comparison to books because of the easily understandable, short-term, and expressive ideas and events that makes viewers more entranced to watch an entertaining movie then reading a book.