Senior Swim Night

Nina Zielke, Reporter

On Tuesday, January 17th, the Griffith Swim team had their senior night. The seniors that were recognized on this special night were Terrance Salazar-Ray, Claire Labadie, and Michelle Vazquez. Cecilia Navarro, who is a sophomore, was also recognized on senior night since she’s one of Griffith’s foreign exchange students from Spain, and won’t be here next year. The team manager, Lynsey Martin, was also recognized for her dedication to the team and always being there to help out at meets.

The meet was against North Newton and Griffith competed very well. The Griffith girl’s team won with a final score of  79-54. However, the boys fell to North Newton with a score of  86-40. Regardless of the scores, both teams had so much fun competing together for this special night.

During the 200-yard freestyle race for the girls, Claire Labadie and Isabella Zielke took first and second place; Terrence Salazar-Ray took second place. Multiple Griffith swimmers also swam away with a personal record!

After the meet, the coaches suited up and the seniors got to push them in the pool! They all swam around and had a mini pool party, until it was time to get out and eat. All of the parents of the swimmers came together and brought different foods so that there was enough for everyone to eat.

Michelle Vazquez said, ”The best thing about senior night was pushing all the coaches in the pool after it was over. I haven’t swam since my freshman year, and even though it is an incredibly hard sport, yesterday made me realize how much I actually love it. Seeing everyone happy and together was also one of my favorite parts, and of course, winning the last regular meet of the season. All the parents and coaches helped out so much and made this night so much better!”

The boys and girls will swim at Sectionals in the next few weeks with the girls meet being held on February 2nd and 4th at Lake Central High School.