Do Seniors Have Their Future Planned?


Pinkleton still looking to decide on a trade or college.

Rachel Sheline, Reporter

Seniors face the hard decision that lays out the blueprint for the rest of their lives, their careers. They have so many options to choose from. Of all of the options, how will they pick? Whether they plan on picking a major, a trade, or a job, it’s a very hard decision. They have to think about how they’ll live, how much money will they make, and whether can they keep themselves and or their family thriving. Everyone wants a job that makes them happy, but can they really predict if it will?

Maya Perez is a senior who is very involved in extracurriculars, including The Griffith Theatre Company, FCCLA, NHS, and Student Council. For sports, she is involved in cross country and track. After high school, she plans on going to a private college in Indiana. She said she would like to major in chemistry but she also added “I might do forensic science.” She plans on working in a lab after she graduates college. Although some people know exactly where to go, others don’t.

Many successful people didn’t know where to start the first couple of years after graduating, but that never stopped them. While senior Nathan Pinkelton doesn’t know what college or trade he’ll be in, he has a bright future ahead of him. He hasn’t yet decided if he will go into a trade, but he has already been accepted into Indiana University Northwest. He has also looked into a trade saying, “Solar panel installation sounds cool.” Pinkelton is a member of the top ten which is a good display that whatever he chooses to do, he will be successful.

Kaylee Sheline is also a member of the top ten. She is a proven hard worker and it definitely paid off in her college applications. Sheline is also very involved in the school. She is in theater, NHS, student council, FCCLA, and paranormal society. The sports she is in include color guard and softball. After high school, she plans on going locally to college. She previously thought about becoming a teacher. Sheline said, “I can be an ultrasound technician in two years and make twice as much as a teacher.”

The medical field is one of the highest paying and the most necessary fields nationwide. With all of the plentiful job options, Analisa Fuentes is going to pursue that field as well. Fuentes is involved in many clubs. She is in and also founded the book club, FCCLA, NHS, the social studies academic team, and student council. She said “Most of the colleges I applied to are private,”  She wants to study abroad and become a physician’s assistant.

The culinary field is wildly different from the medical field but still extremely important. The  student pursuing in this art is Jeremy Dickson. Dickson is in many sports including basketball, track, and football. He also goes to the Area Career Center for culinary. Dickson said, “I don’t know exactly where I’m going to be, but I really have a passion for cooking which is why I chose to go to the career center.” He doesn’t know which college now but his end goal is to work at a fancy restaurant. He claims, “Once I get my feet wet under leadership of another chef, I may venture my way into thinking about having my own restaurant.”

Sufficeth to say, there are many outstanding seniors at Griffith High School with a bright future ahead of them. Having to make this nerve wrecking decision and not being sure exactly what you want to can be stressful no doubt.  After all how you be sure to get the job you’re looking for? The answer is they don’t. But that does not mean that they can’t get anywhere. It’s just a unpredictable path.