Super Bowl LVII


Photo provided by Google

Nina Zielke, Reporter

Super Bowl 57 took place on Sunday, February 12th with the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Kansas City Chiefs. The Super Bowl is an event that a lot of people watch and celebrate, even if they don’t watch football or even understand it. It’s just a fun time for families to get together and watch the game, all of the countless overpriced ads, the halftime show, and of course to enjoy all of the food people make.  

The game started off right after American country singer, Chris Stapleton performed the national anthem leaving players, coaches, and fans with tears in their eyes. Barstool Sports tweeted, “Chris Stapleton really should’ve been named the MVP after his performance.”  

After the national anthem, the pregame festivities began and soon the game was off to a start with Kansas City winning the coin toss. This didn’t stop Philadelphia from scoring during the first couple of minutes in the first quarter. The game was then back and forth between both teams from the very start and lasted for the duration of the game. At halftime, the score was 24-14, with the Eagles taking the lead after they scored a touchdown, following a field goal.  

Now what everyone’s been waiting for, it’s the halftime show! Rihanna performed live at the halftime show, leaving fans awestruck as well as confused. A few times during the performance she would pull away from the microphone she was holding, yet she would still be heard singing. She was accused of ‘worst lip sync ever’ by some people. Others though, thought that it was an extremely good performance and she did it all while being pregnant with her second child. Many are questioning if she will be returning to music permanently or not.  

Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes played the game on an aggravated high ankle sprain, but this didn’t stop him from finishing out the game. During the fourth quarter the score was tied 35-35 with 5 minutes and 15 seconds left. It ended with the Eagles falling to the Chiefs with a score of 38-35. Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker kicked a 27-yard field goal with 8 seconds remaining which won the game for the Chiefs. 

Twins, Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles) and Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs), went up to each other after the game and were both emotional and congratulated each other regarding their accomplishments during the season and making it to the Super Bowl. They were the only twins in history to play against each other in Super Bowl.  

After the game the quarterbacks from both teams were interviewed and questioned about the game. Jalen Hurts said, “You either win or you learn. It’s something that I know will motivate me.” Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said this about Jalen Hurts, “When we got all the momentum in the game and we went up eight points in the fourth quarter, for him to respond and move his team right on the football field and run it in himself for the two-point conversion, it was a special performance by him. Make sure you appreciate that when you look back on this game.”