Bowling Season Recap


Kayla Doctor, Reporter

Over this winter season, the boy’s and girl’s bowling teams experienced great success. The girl’s team is made up of 5 bowlers: Allyson Lawson, Alicia Martinez, Courtney Adams, Mackenzie Flores, and Robin Edwards. The boy’s team is made up of 8 bowlers: Christian Garcia, Bryce Payne, Kenny Booker, Andrew Wilson, Evan Kovera, Steven McDermott, Tommy Zarndt, and Nathaniel Smith. The girl’s team participated in two preseason tournaments in which they achieved great success. The team placed 1st at the Bowl-a-Rama tournament and 2nd at another. The girl’s team also placed 4th at the Region Rumble Tournament, as well as placing 2nd in the conference.

After conference, both teams moved on to sectionals, which were held at Merrillville Stardust Bowling Alley. Both teams were sectional champions, with five bowlers qualifying individually for regionals. For the boy’s team, Steven McDermott and Christian Garcia both qualified as well as Alicia Martinez, Courtney Adams, and Robin Edwards for the girl’s team. McDermott placed 6th, Garcia placed 9th, Martinez placed 3rd, Adams placed 4th, and Edwards placed 8th.

Regionals were held in Michigan City. The girl’s team won regionals, with three bowlers individually qualifying for semi-state; Alicia Martinez, Robin Edwards, and Steven McDermott.

Semi-State was the following weekend. The girl’s team finished in second. The team qualified for state as semi-state runners-up.

The state tournament was held on Saturday, February 11th  in Indianapolis. The Friday prior to state, a send-off for the girl’s bowling team was held. The band played the school song and all high school students came out of their classes to support the team. When they arrived in Indianapolis the team went to the Royal Pin Western bowling alley where they competed. All teams bowled 12 games to receive their seed for the finals. The bowling team was ranked as the second seed. After a few games, the girl team was on a roll and became the third-seeded team; Griffith was in the finals. In the finals, the team faced off against Highland, in which two games were bowled. After the end of the two games, Griffith fell to Highland, placing them with the state-runner-up title.