Chicago Medieval Times- A Time For You!


Located in nearby Chicago, Illinois, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament gives a one-of-a-kind experience like no other. Castle grounds, bright banners and ramparts surround all parts of the magnificent castle. Before the tournament begins, guests are able to roam the castle and enjoy the splendor of much of it’s shops and decorations. The first shop seen in the castle is the Hall of Arms that showcases artifacts such coats of arms, helmets, shields and swords from the medieval era. The castle gift shop also features garments and clothes for the guests to purchase. The Queen also makes an appearance to knight any guest willing to join the ranks of the elite. Boasting the resplendent colors of England, France, Ireland, and others, actors participate in a live tournament in which they joust on horses, duel one-on-one, horse racing, and many more tests of skill! Spectators of the tournament are able cheer on their favorite champion and eat from a four-course feast that includes garlic bread, tomato soup, buttered corn, potatoes, and delicious roasted chicken. The feast also includes options for vegetarian or gluten-free guests. The feast even gives the sweet delicacy of hot coffee as dessert that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Rather it be knights charging at each other at high speeds and on horseback in jousts, the sweet smell of sizzling grub for guests to get their fill of, or the fantastical selection of 11th century Medieval garments to choose from, there is an abundance of amazing things to do and see at Medieval Times so come one, come all for the experience of a lifetime that you won’t forget!