Senioritis- It’s a Real Thing!

Senioritis; a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. I never knew that senioritis was a real thing until my junior year here at GHS. Coming back after quarantine was the worst part of high school. I started 11th grade with no desire to make myself achieve the goals I had previously set. If I would have just jumped back into school with everything I had, I wouldn’t be writing this column for extra credit to be able to graduate on time. I asked a few people at our school some questions about senioritis to get their opinions.

Questions: In what ways do you think senioritis affects the end of the school year for senior students?

Answer:I think senioritis affects the end of the school year because students are not turning in their work on time and they are also not showing up for school.

Questions: What can students do to help power through the symptoms of senioritis?

Answer: Use an agenda book for organization and stay on top of school work instead of letting it pile up. Take frequent breaks and work in small chunks. Keep your goals in mind to stay motivated. Ask for someone to keep you accountable.

Question: Does senioritis scare you as a teacher? If so how?

Answer: No, it disappoints me. I see many students that have great potential, give up.

Senior year is definitely a big challenge that you must work through in order to start an easier life after school. The hardest part for me is sacrificing fun experiences to stay on top of my academics. Don’t be like me and give up too early. If you ever need help with anything, reach out to a teacher or guidance counselor. They will help you as long as you help yourself.