New Soccer Season Brings Tension to the Turf

Anabel Castellanos, Reporter

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With the new 2018-2019 school year comes the beginning of a new soccer season. The boys and girls kicked off a new season on August 11, competing in the annual jamboree Andrean High School hosts every year.
With a record of seven wins and two losses, the boys’ soccer team started their season off with a bang beating Hobart 6-0 on August 15. The team has scored a total 15 goals so far, with senior Will Carroll scoring the majority with 14 goals.
“Finding out I have the majority of goals so far this season makes me feel accomplished,” said Carroll. “I hope to help my team win conference and hopefully sectionals.”
The next game for the boys’ team is tonight Tuesday, September 11 against Westville High School at Westville.
The girls’ soccer team has a record of four wins, five losses and two ties, which was against Hobart and Highland High School. They lost their first game against Hebron 2-3 on August 13, but then later won against Boone Grove 3-0 on August 15. The team has scored a total of 26 goals with Aary Cano being their highest scorer with five goals.
“Even though we had a rocky start I believe our team will have a great ending to our season the rest of the year,” said Cano.
The next game for the girls is on Thursday, September 13 against Potage at home.
Through the season, the sportsmanship scores have gone down severely, because both the teams have been receiving both yellow and red cards. When a player receives a yellow card the player has to be substituted from the field, but they may be able to play later on in the game. If a player receives a red card, then the player is ejected from the field, and he/she can not be substituted, and the team has to play one man down.
The girls’ soccer team has received three yellow cards and one red card, while the boys’ soccer team has received two yellow and one red card. When a player receives a red card that same player has to retake a sportsmanship test online to learn to avoid getting in the situation again.