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Students Broaden Cultural Horizons

Spanish Students Attending Multiple Trips to Learn More About the Culture

Brianna Langel, Reporter

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Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Company from Miami, FL performs at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Company from Miami, FL performs at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Students observe exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Multiple Spanish classes had the opportunity to attend the trip.

The Spanish Department will be holding two field trips per month to expose students to various elements of Latino culture. These field trips will immerse students into the culture first hand instead of just reading and seeing pictures in books and online.

The first field trip is to the National Hispanic College Fair on October 5th. This is a small college fair that is invitational only, so the students will get more one-on-one attention with the college representatives. Students can get tips on FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), college applications, and essay writings.

The upcoming field trip is on October 18th to the National Hispanic Folkloric Ballet Company. Students who attend this trip will get to listen to Spanish music along with traditional dance performances from across Latin America. After the performances, students can interact with the performers and learn about the culture and where these traditional dance have come from.

These field trips will represent Griffith High School as students receive the opportunity to learn other cultures, and the history and society of many different Spanish countries around the world.

We went to Bishop Noll for the college fair and got to go out to eat Mexican food.”

— Brianna Paulsen-11

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Students Broaden Cultural Horizons