Class Clowns Keeping Classmates Entertained

Katie Bilka, Reporter

   Do you know that one person who always cracks a joke every time you see them? Yeah, they’re probably the class clown. There’s usually a few people like that in each graduating class. They each have their own renowned joke or catchphrase to make them unique. Who are considered the class clowns at GHS?

   Freshman Juan Gonzalez is said to be his class’s clown. His friends have multiple stories of humorous encounters with him. A close friend of his, freshman Katlyn Noojin, said that she recalls a time during middle school co-ed soccer where he’d always joke with her and boost her mood. “He would always screech, and I’d laugh so hard!” said Noojin. Although he’s a huge jokester, Gonzalez has memories of his own where other people made him laugh. He recollected on the numerous bus rides from the varsity soccer away games. “There would always be rap battles where seniors Will Carroll, Marko Stosic, Cameron Starks and Carlos Gutierrez would constantly roast each other. I’d be laughing so hard I’d start crying.”

   Sophomore Harry Pala is the legendary jokester of the 2021 graduating class. His favorite topics to make jokes over include current events, weather, politics, school, and trendy memes. “Everyone should look up to me because I’m the most perfect and handsome man to ever make jokes at GHS,” says Pala about himself. He also says that band director Aaron Alexander is one of his biggest comical inspirations. “Harry is the most interesting person because he’s always got something new and witty to say which always gives him laughs,” said junior Lucas Mulloy.

   Junior Catherine Brzycki is the junior class’s clown and has the “craziest and goofiest personality out of anyone I know,” said juniors Madison Anderson and Kayla Rooke. “She likes to create different personas and portray them with unique accents.” One persona she creates is an old lady. “It’s true- I do have many personas. The old lady is something I made up randomly one day in class,” said Brzycki. Developing distinct personas is Brzycki’s comical specialty.

   As Spanish teacher Castulo Perez puts it, “Senior Diego Sanchez has the most jovial energy and is the soccer team’s clown, and rightfully deserves the title.” Students say that he’s a pleasure to be around because he has a positive personality, and always makes them laugh. “I didn’t know I was considered the senior class clown, but I feel honored to receive that title,” said Sanchez. “Something that always makes me laugh is cracking hilarious jokes and doing impractical things with the soccer seniors. It’s never not a quiet and boring time with them.”

   Out of all of the above class clowns, GHS’s majority vote for the biggest class clown is Harry Pala. “Of course he won, I totally expected it!” said sophomore Stephanie Ritz. “He always cracks me up in 7th hour.” To all of the humors people out there: keep making people laugh and creating a positive atmosphere for everyone around you. 

Junior Catherine Byrzycki.
Senior Diego Sanchez.
Freshman Juan Gonzalez.