Griffith Makes Decision to Join New Township

Zoe Boswinkle, Reporter

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Griffith residents voted to leave Calumet Township. After years of fighting a losing battle, Rick Ryfa, president of Griffith’s town council, leads Griffith to finalize the vote to leave Calumet Township. Griffith has two neighboring townships that it could possibly join, both with lower tax rates than Griffith’s current tax rates. Griffith will conduct a study on North and St. John Townships to determine the benefits for joining them. After this, Griffith must apply to join the chosen township and has one year to complete the process.
However, some residents have concerns about Griffith not being accepted into a new township. Ryfa had a financial analysis run on Griffith to see the possible outcome Griffith would have in joining a new township.
“If you look at the three-year growth average we are one of the tops in the county,” said Ryfa.
With high hopes in being accepted to a new township, Griffith is aiming on joining one by the end of 2018. With Griffith’s net assessed valuation at $626,468,430 and ranking in the top 20 safest towns in Indiana, it seems joining a new township will prove beneficial to both parties. Each township offers unique benefits. Although St. John township has lower tax rates and would be cheaper, North township provides more services.
“We can’t go wrong either way,” Ryfa said.