Christmas: Before or After Thanksgiving?

Skye Isenblatter, Reporter

   One of the most well-known debates of America is whether or not people should decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving. Many people argue that Thanksgiving should be celebrated within its own dedicated time before Christmas, while others believe that the Christmas season should be the longest and most important holiday. 

   In November, most stores bring out variations of lights, floats, Christmas trees, pajamas, and more. Christmas music also begins to be played all day on the radio. People begin putting up lights and planning Christmas before it has even started. This is a struggle for the many fall and Thanksgiving lovers who want to cherish the short time they have between Halloween and Black Friday. 

   Many fall lovers look forward to the colorful leaves and feasts that take place in November. They can’t wait to eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy and playing in the leaves. Their hope every year is to be able to enjoy this before snowy weather, Christmas music, and holiday shopping takes over. 

   After all, many people believe that Thanksgiving does not get enough attention. Because of all of the Christmas lovers, many people do not get to enjoy it the way they want. People want to see fall inspired items sold in stores, not snowmen and Santa.

   Senior Jake Collins has a strong opinion on Christmas before Thanksgiving. “People don’t see the importance of Thanksgiving because they’re so worried about Christmas,” said Collins.

   On the other hand, other people believe that Christmas is such a joyful time that it should be extended. Many love to shop and sing classic Christmas songs while eating cookies and drinking egg nog. 

   “Many of my friends make fun of me for always wearing Christmas sweaters and having my room decorated so early but I love Christmas so I keep doing it every year,” said junior Madison Pearson. 

   Many also believe that since Christmas decorating can take a long time, they want to get a head start on it, making their house cheerful and bright. Children get excited and begin thinking about what they want early, Elf on the Shelf comes out to make kids behave, and parents can begin their shopping early so they can get deals and ensure they can get the item before it goes out of stock. This allows them to spend their money over a longer period of time instead of spending all their earned money without being able to earn it back. 

   Most of this depends on families. If someone’s family believes that Thanksgiving should be over before Christmas comes to mind, then that person will also have a strong opinion on it. If someone’s family deeply loves Christmas, they would want to be able to feel the happiness of the holiday for as long as possible. Because of this, they would decorate as soon as they can, even if it’s before Thanksgiving.