Finals Week: How To Be Prepared

Victoria Martinez, Reporter

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The end of the semester brings excitement for break, but it also brings finals-tests that include the curriculum from the entire semester. Finals can be stressful since students study all the work they have learned in a semester. Finals are worth 20% of the semester grade, so students sometimes need to pass their final to help them pass the class.
To help prepare for finals, students can create their own study guide. They can ask questions, attend review sessions, create study groups, and study questions and work that are not included on the study guide. They should make sure to stay well rested and take breaks so they aren’t overworked. Students can stay organized by creating a study schedule, reorganizing notes, color coding, and prioritizing study time. Studying for the style of exam and quizzing themselves can help prepare students for the feel of a final.
When the day of the final comes, students should pace themselves and take their time so they don’t make silly mistakes. Write notes on the test to help stay focused. Students should also remember to breathe and relax, it’ll all be over shortly.