Updates on Russia and Ukraine; Possible WWIII?

Chloe Smith, Reporter

On February 24, 2022 Russia began an invasion into Ukraine. This has been devastating for Ukrainians with reports of 957 injuries and 549 civilians having been killed, what’s even worse, many of them aren’t getting proper burials, just thrown into mass graves. U.S officials estimate that about 6000 Russians may have also been killed due to this travesty.

According to CNN Russian forces are expanding west for the first time, taking over Dnipro, Lutsk, and creeping closer to Kyiv, just northeast and east of the capital. With about 1.5 million people evacuating to Poland who opened their borders to refugees, 176,000 to Slovakia, and 225,000 to Hungary. Russia has taken many brutal attacks on civilians, bombs hitting children hospitals, apartment complexes, psychiatric hospitals, schools, and transportation accesses like train stations and airports. Due to many of these attacks Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide.

Biden is to announce if the US will move to revoke “mos favored nation” status for Russia. The White House passed a bill banning importing Russian oil, natural gas, and coal into the US. U.S will also include export blocks on technology, limit Russias ability to advance its military and aerospace, and applied sanctions on Russian banks. But it isn’t just the US punishing Russia, the EU, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and Asia have froze Putin’s and other Russian officials assets and roughly half of the country’s foreign currency reserves. Countries have also removed Russian athletes for the Russian Grand Prix and FIFA.