Why do boys sports draw bigger crowds?


It is very unlikely that you see student sections or big crowds at girls’ games. When it comes to boys’ games you see student sections and lots of people that are just there. Naturally, people think girls are not as competitive as boys or that girls do not put in the same amount of energy as boys. I believe that girls put in a lot of energy and it doesn’t get recognized the same as male sports. There are many student-athletes at GHS that have noticed a more prominent turnout at boys’ sports than girls like basketball and baseball rather than, girls’ basketball and softball

The differences between boys and girls basketball is that more people show up to watch boys basketball play and people hardly show up to watch the girls. I played girls basketball and the only people that would show up were the parents. For boys basketball, there was always a student section and they had their classmates to cheer them on. People say that girls’ basketball is not as competitive as boys’ basketball, but I disagree we still push through physical contact and put in the work and effort and nobody wants to watch the girls’ team play. “People think boys’ basketball is more interesting than girls because they are boys,” said senior Chloe Smith. “I think it is true that most people want to watch the boys game because they are boys and think they are cute and play harder than girls. When people found out that we were not good they stopped coming to our games,” said Smith. “There tend to be more administrators at boys than girls game,”said senior Nina Zielke. “When you go to a girls game you hardly see any administrators there, unless they need to be there. At a boys game you see most of administrators there. It’s just unfair and makes the girls team feel like nobody likes us or thinks we are as tough as the boys,” stated Zielke.

There aren’t as many differences between baseball and softball. Although boys don’t have that big of a crowd more people still show up to their games then they do softball games. I also play softball and I notice that more people show up to baseball games than softball. Everyone always say baseball and softball are the same, but softball is very different than baseball. Softball we practice everyday and we work hard, baseball also does work hard, but it seems like they get recognized for their hard work and softball doesn’t get recognized for their hard work. “Baseball can be more interesting sometimes” said Andrew Jimenez. “If you push further baseball has more professional leagues whereas, softball doesn’t. More people lean towards watching baseball because they are so used to saying let’s go watch the baseball game, not let’s go watch the softball game,” said Jimenez. Softball is just as interesting as baseball. People should think about coming and watching softball and coming to the games to support your fellow classmates.

Some may think girls sports may not be as interesting as male sports, but the passion that girls have for the sports they play should matter more than just being interesting. People want excitement during the games. We may not win every game we play, but we put in the work and try our hardest to be the best we can. We practice everyday like boys do we play as hard as boys do but girls sports just don’t get recognized like boys sports. Male sports have been around the longest but female sports are here now and we should get the same recognition as male sports.