School rules and regulations; do they matter?

Imagine a school where there are no rules or boundaries. Would there be peace on the school’s grounds? Would the children behave properly and with discipline inside the school? A school will continue to be referred to as appropriate. Rules and regulations have importance in a school because they permit student discipline, create order, and endorse the institution’s standards. 

To discipline young people, educational institutions have rules and regulations in place. Students can behave appropriately inside the school grounds due to these rules. Other schools (perhaps all) actually impose disciplinary actions for those who violate the rules. For example, this is one of the rules in the school not to smoke inside the school. If someone gets caught, he/she could be suspended from school or even be expelled. These rules actually don’t hinder you to go on with your usual doings, they just discipline you and put your actions in a proper way. 

Would there be order if there were no rules and regulations in schools? The school’s dress code is one example. If a school would not impose a rule regarding proper decorum, students would probably wear outfits like mini skirts, hanging blouses, torn pants, slippers, etc. (for girls) and short pants, tor pants, etc. (for boys). Students would look unpleasant, and it seems like they would avoid school completely to go somewhere else. The administration of the school mainly considers what is best for the children. 

Maintaining the quality of the school is a major reason for rules. The quality of the school matters in how the rules and regulations are properly followed, too. It doesn’t matter how lengthy or plenty of school rules are but how these are effectively practiced. Without these rules, education is going to struggle, which has a major impact on quality overall. As a result, rules and regulations are required to maintain the school’s standard of success. 

Many people only consider the negative aspects of these policies and rules. We would learn to appreciate their effects on the entire student body and the institution as a whole, rather. then just the beauty of their purpose for us. Therefore, sticking to these rules is necessary since without them, would you be able to achieve your goals?