Would field trips help motivate students?

Students work hard all year round day in and day out. Whether it’s homework, classwork, studying for exams, or putting together projects. Though this is our responsibility I believe our hard work is overlooked, I believe that we work so hard for very little reward. One way I think we can reward our scholars for their hard work in the classroom is to have more field trips.  Field trips will allow students to take a break from all the hard work and learning while making the students feel appreciated for what they do. I believe with a few changes we could make this happen for our students. To do so I think there should be a school-wide goal that a percentage of the school should have to meet in order to get these trips. This would be so that the field trips are earned and not given. The field trips could also be funded through school-wide fundraisers similar to what is done with the clubs/sports teams. Throughout the text, I will further explain these points to give a deeper understanding.

I do think students deserve to go on more field trips due to how hard they work in class, but I believe it should be earned. One way I think this can be done is by setting a goal for students to reach for upcoming field trips. It should be set up in a way that the field trip is announced months prior along with the school-wide goal. The goal could be something like a certain percentage of students has to score higher than an 80% on tests or quizzes once the percentage is reached the field trip can be confirmed. Students then have to be on their best behavior and those who met the goal will attend the field trip. While this is only an example I see it as one way this can work.

Now that I’ve explained how the goal can be set up for students to meet I will explain the funding. Just like the sports teams and all other clubs we can start fundraisers. Things like car washes, candy sales, and more can be set up. Instead of the fundraisers only being done by people of those clubs it will be done for every student in the school. This way we will bring in more money to pay for bigger and better trips. Fundraisers would start at the beginning of the year and the money made will be put up send saved until the announcement of the field trip. This way we will have enough money to cover the trip and still have to meet whatever goal is set in place. If the goal isn’t met in time for the field trip we could save the money until the announcement of the next one.

Overall, I think this would be a great way to teach students responsibility and the importance of hard work. With the opportunity to put in work, save money, and be rewarded for their efforts, it will teach them real world skills and benefit them further in life as well as giving them a memorable time in school.