Weather plays importance to healthy lives

With the end of school approaching and the weather warming up, we are all on edge waiting for summer break to finally come. The first thing we think of when being on break is sleeping in and finally having more free time to do what we want. After constantly waking up early and sitting inside a classroom for almost 7 hours, being outside and enjoying nature sounds like a 5-star vacation. Being active outside is the perfect hobby to take on during break or just year-round. There are many simple hobbies to pick up when you consider spending more time outside.

On average US students spend only 25 minutes outside per day according to But according to Childhood  By Nature, “Children should be spending 3 hours playing outside. Being outside increases curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.” I think most of us remember spending hours playing outside as a kid, finding random things to play with, or making up games. Studies show that being outside in nature is relaxing. It reduces our stress, cortisol levels, muscle tension, and heart rates all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. I want to persuade you guys to take on the hobby of enjoying nature. Fresh air and sunshine is vital for the human body, there’s many different types of benefits of going outside. Humans remain deeply connected by nature and over 100 studies have shown that being in nature, living near nature, or even viewing nature in paintings and videos can have positive impacts on our brains, bodies, feelings, thought processes, and social interactions. Nature provides us with many mental health benefits.

Enjoying nature can lower risk of depression and faster physiological stress recovery. Ecotherapy is a type of formal treatment which involves doing activities outside in nature, and is shown to help with moderate depression. It can restore and strengthen our mental capacities, increasing focus and attention. In a group experiment performing a mentally strenuous task, the group in the natural setting showed increased focus and higher levels of concentration. Additionally, adults working in more green spaces showed better attention functioning. Being exposed to natural environments improves working memory tied to flexibility and attentional control.

The green spaces near schools promote cognitive development in children and green views near children’s homes promote self control behaviors according to the University of Chicago. It can also be helpful if you experience seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that affects people during particular seasons of the year from Did you know being in nature activates specific reward circuits in the brain associated with dopamine release that give us a sense of purpose, joy, and energy to pursue our goals. Studies have shown being outdoors lowered levels of cortisol, a hormone that’s a marker for stress acc to Most importantly outdoors serve as a venue to come together with friends and family and connect with the larger community