GHS Dress Code

Nina Zielke, Reporter

     Throughout their school years, students have all been made aware that they need to be dressing appropriately for school. Though the administration has enforced a particular dress code, many times students refuse to follow it. They prefer to wear clothing that is “trending” or “in style.” This year it includes cropped shirts and excessively ripped jeans and pants. These reasons have pushed the administration to become more strict with the dress code rules and many students have mixed emotions on this topic.

     The Griffith student/parent handbook states, “Shorts and skirts must reach mid-thigh, shoulders and midriff must be covered at all times, shirts must have sleeves, and revealing, low cut, excessively tight, or holes/rips (above the fingertips for holes, and rips) in jeans are not permitted. Skin showing above the fingertips is not permitted.”  Sophomore, Jackson Davenport states, “The dress code doesn’t affect me, it’s easy to follow because it’s less strict for boys.” When asked if he thinks it’s fair he said, “Sort of. It depends on the person and what they like to wear. It affects the girls more.”  

     Senior, Lily Wrobleski states, “ The school dress code is not as bad as people play it up to be. Most of the things they are asking are reasonable and appropriate for school. Not allowing mid-drift to show is understandable, but not allowing shoulders to show is annoying.” She goes on to say, “As long as the students feel comfortable and nothing is distracting in class, the dress code could be more lenient.” The dress code does affect girls more than boys because most of the rules are worded in a way that is directed towards girls. Only allowing shorts that reach mid-thigh is pointed at girls because the average guy’s shorts are made to their knees.” 

     When asked if he thinks the dress code affects girls rather than boys, sophomore, Gianni Feaster says,  “I do. My little sister likes to wear crop tops and tank tops, especially during the summer. With boys, they can just wear whatever because they normally wear t-shirts and shorts anyways.”  

     Regardless of how students may feel about the dress code, it is something that must be followed and will be enforced by the school staff.  Changes in the student handbook have been made before, but for now, the dress code stands, and students must follow the guidelines.