The Devastating Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Julia Gonzalez, Reporter

September 28th, 2022, Hurricane Ian touched down in Florida as a Category 4 storm causing 2.5 million evacuations as well as 3.4 million power outages. Now, two weeks after the storm it is going down as the third most destructive hurricane of the century, behind Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Sandy (2012.)  The death toll of this detrimental storm has risen to 102 in Florida. The storm has also accumulated an estimated 70 billion dollars in debt thus far, decimating homes and businesses across Florida.

So many people lost their home in this disaster causing homelessness rates to spike rapidly. Since Florida is a retirement state, many of the people left homeless are over the age of 65 and need relief as soon as possible.

On the bright side of the tragedy that was Hurricane Ian, more than $190 million in federal disaster assistance is being given to Florida as well organizations such as The Red Cross dedicating a huge number of resources to hurricane relief. This hurricane has brought people together in hard times with entire neighborhoods doing what they can to help as well as mass donations to local food pantries.

There are numerous resources to donate to help the relief of Hurricane Ian like the Red Cross listed below. Any contribution is valuable, and effective to helping repair the lives the hurricane has uprooted.


American Red Cross-