2022 Fall Sports Awards

Nina Zielke, Reporter

The all fall sports banquet took place on Monday, November 14th. This awards night is important because it wraps up the season of summer/fall sports and allows the students that participate in these sports to be recognized. The sports that were included and recognized this night were unified flag football, unified bocce ball, football, girls and boys soccer, girls golf, boys tennis, girls volleyball, and cross country.

Awards were given out to students who were either voted on either by their teammates or their coach. These awards were given to athletes who were/had: the most improved, the best mental attitude, and the most valuable player. Many students also received awards or were recognized for being academic all conference, as well as making first and second team all conference. Connor Cervantes received a special award for football called the golden heart award. When asked how he felt after he was presented with this award he said, “I felt honored to win this award and it was a really exciting moment for me. I think I was chosen for this award because I always try to look out for the younger players and help them succeed in everything they do. I also think I was chosen because I have managed good quality grades throughout my high school career.”

Bella Visak and Destiny Magana also received a unique award called the all state golden award. Bella Visak says, “The all state golden award is an academic award for athletes that maintain a GPA of 3.75 or high and I was chosen for this award because I had a 4.6 GPA at the end of last quarter. I was very proud of myself for receiving this award because just like many other student athletes, it is hard balancing the workload of difficult classes as well as practices and games.”

All of the student athletes at Griffith High School deserve recognition for their continued success in classroom as well as on the court, the field, or the course. Looking ahead, Griffith is entering the winter sports season with boys and girls basketball and wrestling.