Griffith Staff Opens Courtyard To Students For First Time In Five Years


Meghan Braddy

After years and years of the Griffith Jr./Sr. High School courtyard doors being locked, they’ve finally been reopened again thanks to the recently appointed principal, Greg Mikulich. Students are now able to pass through the courtyard during passing periods and even eat out there for lunch as long as the weather permits, and this hasn’t been the case since 2016. The previous administration completely disregarded the idea due to students not being responsible enough to have the privilege, but Mikulich has an entirely different viewpoint on this issue because of the construction currently going on in the building. The construction has blocked off a major portion of the downstairs hallway that students normally utilize often in order to get to class. Therefore, various students have recently been late to their classes. Mikulich’s solution to this lies within the courtyard reopening. Now, the courtyard doors are always open, and students can pass through as often as they please.
“The main purpose of opening the courtyard again is to reduce tardiness since it provides a quicker path to get to classes on time,” said Mikulich. “Students can also receive some fresh air and sunlight, which is a good thing to have after being in class all day.”
Mikulich is also an advocate for utilizing the courtyard as a way to take some noise out of the cafeteria. The cafeteria can get pretty packed when lunch time rolls around, and the noise level can be a little too loud for some people. At the grade level meetings that Mikulich hosted in the auditorium during the second week of school, he announced that the courtyard would open up for passing periods as well as lunch. The idea actually originated from the Panther Press staff, who approached Mikulich with some new and vibrant ideas for the school newspaper as well as ideas to help benefit the student body as a whole.
“I would like to get to the point where we can choose tables to go out there for lunch. The plan is for me to just pick random tables in the lunchroom each day, which gives everyone an equal opportunity to get some fresh air whilst eating outside,” said Mikulich.
With the courtyards reopened, students are able to enjoy privileges that they haven’t had in years. Being late to class is no longer an issue, and receiving some fresh air throughout the day has livened students up in the classrooms. It goes to show what changes can actually happen when students provide their own input to the administration.