Girls Swim Breaks Records in Sectionals


Katie Bilka, Copyeditor

On Saturday, February 15, the Griffith Varsity Girls Swimming team broke the school record during Sectionals Day Two in the 200-yard freestyle relay. For the second time this year, the first being on senior night a few weeks prior. A certain group of girls in particular-freshman Claire LaBadie, sophomore Emma Keene, and seniors Kylee Taylor and Haylie Keene-broke these school records.

When competing in swimming sectionals, there are a few events, from individual to relays, where everyone on the team has a chance to compete. If you beat a certain time in any event, you have the opportunity to continue on to state. “It’s really hard to advance to state because you have to win in that event sectional, and we compete against fierce teams, like Lake Central and Munster,” said Taylor.

During an interview, Taylor said that they got disqualified due to a competitor leaving early that day, which caused the whole team to be on edge. However, at the end of the 200-yd freestyle relay, which was swam by Taylor, Haylie, and Emma, everyone was jumping up and down and cheering loudly. “Haylie and I were crying, and my coach was celebrating so much that she almost fell into the pool! Needless to say, it was a very emotional day,” Taylor said.

Hailey Keene swam the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle that day and placed eighth overall in both events. Keene said she was nervous going in to swim because she needed to break her record, which she unfortunately didn’t do, but she said she had another opportunity at the 200 freestyle. “It was a weekend full of mixed emotions, but it went from disappointing right to celebrating in a split second,” said Keene.

Emma Keene competed in the 100 breaststroke, and broke the school’s record for the event. The last time the school record in this event was broken was last year, again by Keene. Keene said that she’s been working hard towards this event all season, and she hoped to win. She also was conference champion in all of her events, including the 200-yard relay and the 200 IM.  “During my breaststroke relay, I competed against a girl who has already broken state records for this event, so it was extremely nerve wracking. All of my teammates were looking forward to seeing me compete this event that day, and supported me by standing behind the swimmer’s block during my event,” said Keene.