GHS Student COVID Journal December 2020

Katie Bilka, Editor in Chief

December: As the last month of the semester wrapped up, COVID sadly did not. At GHS, in person students were granted with in person learning during the last week of finals. The basketball seasons and fall theater production (with some restrictions of course) both happened successfully and safely. The end of a chaotic year hopefully means that normalcy is right around the corner. 

Finals: the topic that was left in the air for a while. As expected, finals still happened- both for virtual and in person students. Admin left students on the same-timing block schedule, but only required testing during 2 of 4 periods each day for the last week before break. To accommodate in person students, most teachers allowed them to bring note sheets during their test, so it was a little more fair. Most tests were given online via Schoology, but some were on Microsoft Forms or old school paper. 

On the topic of extracurriculars, winter sports like girls and boys basketball, swimming, dance, bowling (girls conference champs), and wrestling are at their prime. Players, coaches, and spectators are all doing what they can to protect those around them, like wearing masks and social distancing, while still staying active in sporting events as much as possible. The theater company also stayed active during this month: their fall performance was pushed back to the first week of December. Many uncertainties hung above their heads, with whether or not they will perform live on stage with an audience, or on zoom, or even at all. The final verdict was a live-streamed show from their very own auditorium stage, with masks as a mandatory precaution. 

Right before their 2 week winter break, students caught wind that there might be a week of virtual learning to lead them into the second semester. With finals over, and a new year ahead, students and faculty alike are hoping for that break of normalcy and less chaos this past year awarded us.