February Covid Journal

Sarah Issa, Chloe Smith, Reporter

Over the month of February there has been a big decrease in the number of Covid cases. Compared to the 3206 people who were hospitalized last month, only 932 people have been hospitalized this month. North West Indiana has switched to yellow, meaning only 100-199 new cases per 100,000 residents.The statistics that were updated Friday showed a total of 1,692 coronavirus- attributed deaths in Lake County. In total Covid-19 has killed 21,922 Hoosiers since the start of the pandemic. Records show that 56.6% of Indiana residents age 5 and up have been fully vaccinated in Lake County. 55.7% of residents have been fully vaccinated state wide and 1,709,866 people have received the booster.

​For February, Covid-19 has affected school positively, now the mask mandate for the bus has been lifted and students can ride the bus with or without a mask whichever is preferred. In the Griffith School District there has been only one student with a positive test. Sanitation is still being enforced in some classrooms with teachers cleaning desks between classes to maintain a clean safe environment.