Middle School Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks


You’ve all seen movies and books, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But the truth is, that’s not how middle school really is. The information in our survival guide will show you how to get on a teacher’s good side. It can be a problem for newcomers, but with these tips, middle school will be a breeze. 

We’ve interviewed multiple people in different grades for your sake. Let’s all be honest, middle school can be tough! So can the teachers. As you read in the title, we’re giving tips on how to get on a teacher’s good sides. After speaking with Miss Heusman, a history teacher for middle school, she explained what makes a good student to her. “I like someone who can learn from mistakes.” Something we notice between teachers is that they love students who participate and raise their hand. A good tip for Mr. Barenie’s class is to stay quiet for the first half of the school year, then you’ll be on his good side.

Two of three students in sixth grade say math is their favorite subject. A good tip to make math go by faster: just sleep. (Obviously we are only kidding!) Another way to get on a teacher’s good side is for students to be on time to class and turning in assignments on time. We can guarantee that this will work. We asked a few students in the seventh grade and their favorite subject is health. A few tips for Mrs. Gonzalez’ class is don’t spin in the chairs. She hates when people do that. Another tip is always to be respectful to the guest speaker. Just know that you should always be respectful to any adult but be extra careful because she will send you to the office if you disrespect her, the guest speaker, her things, and even yourself.

If you found out tips useful and would like to read more, make sure you check out our next article where we will fill you in with more useful tips.

(Written by Nicholas Grahovac, photo taken by Andreas Yan)